Hall and Hall Construction has been building homes of the highest quality and developing land for over thirty years. With control of several hundred acres in the greater Amherst and Mont Vernon areas, Hall & Hall is able to provide a wide array of possible home sites to choose from.

We are a NH land development and custom home building company that has an unwavering commitment to providing absolute customer satisfaction. Whether it is with your plans or ours, Hall & Hall's flexible approach allows homeowners to create and customize their home to their own specifications.

Our success is only measured after we have delivered a home to a satisfied customer. Our service after the sale is second to none!

The History of Hall & Hall Construction

David R. Hall, (A.K.A. Dave Sr.) entered the home building business in 1967. Since that time, he has engaged in almost every form of real estate activity. When he sold his brokerage business (Houck & Hall, Inc.) in 1994, he changed the company name to The Hall & Hall Group, Inc,

David E. Hall, (A.K.A. Dave Jr.) Entered the building business in the late 90's a construction manager working for The Hall & Hall Group, Inc.

In anticipation of Dave Jr. taking over the home building arm of The Hall & Hall Group, Inc, Hall & Hall Construction, Inc. was created as a subsidiary.

Several years ago Dave, Sr. retired from home building, while still remaining active in land development. At this time, Hall & Hall Construction, Inc. was acquired by Dave, Jr.

Since that time the father and son team of Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. have worked closely together to provide a full range of home building services.

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