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Owning your own home is exciting.  It is arguably the largest financial investment that most people make.  Owning real estate can be a very lucrative investment if you “buy right.”  Historically, the real estate market can ebb and flow over the course of 5-10 years.  There have been several cyclical dips where prices for real estate have gone down.  As the Taoist say, “That which goes down, must go up….”  Well, if you prescribe to this notion as we do, then you may be very well positioned to take advantage of very low mortgage rates coupled with depressed values.  When the market turns, it is not uncommon to see yearly appreciation in excess of 5-10% a year.

Harvester Market, 783 Forest Road, Greenfield, NHPeter Davenport, the owner of the Harvester Market, 783 Forest Road, Greenfield, NH, is going green and sharing the green! How? Read on!

The store is currently installing 120 solar panels to the roof of the store with the excess generated power going back to PSNH for a credit. These panels will generate enough power for the store to go off the grid during the day. Prior to that, the store replaced every light bulb with LED bulbs for additional energy conservation!

These panels will also keep the store running during a power outage. People in town will be invited to come in, power up their cell phones, warm up and enjoy a delicious meal from the deli.

One happy employee of the Harvester Market stated, “We are a town store and we want to be here for the town!” I believe the Harvester Market is going community as well as green. Clearly the welfare of the community is important to them.

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