construction plansThe following specifications are meant as a guideline. We work closely with each of our clients to craft a detailed specification that meets their specific needs.


The purpose of allowances is to allow the builder to quote a specific price for a home that is not yet complete and where it is expected that the prospective homeowner will make allowable selections based on personal preference. As the house progresses, the builder may make some of these decisions, thereby reducing the number of items that may be selected by the buyer. It is therefore important that the buyer check with the builder to obtain an up-dated allowance quote. Please note that prices for options are based on selection of these items at a time in the construction process that will allow them to be done on a cost effective basis.

The selection and cost of any options or extras must be first confirmed with the builder, the item specified, and the added cost, if any, paid (on a non-refundable basis) to the builder (or his sub-contractor/vendor, if builder requires.)

Items that are the subject of an allowance shall include special preparation costs related to the selection. For example, if ceramic tile is selected in a given area, the cost (labor and materials) for 3/8" underlayment is considered part of the allowance.

The Hall & Hall Group, Inc. intends to make every effort to work with owners in their selections and options but assumes that all selections will be made from the vendor or sub-contractor used by the builder. If the owner wishes to provide and items from another source (for example, a dining room chandelier from a vendor not used by the builder), they do so at their full risk, with no warranty from the builder. The buyer shall assume full responsibility for delivery to the property, the risk of loss prior to installation, and any extra cost of installation. Note: Delivery and acceptance of large items like appliances requires that such items are purchased and installed by the builder's vendor.

Please contact builder directly to receive a copy of all current allowances.


All disturbed areas will be either covered with loam and seed or bark mulch, at builder's option. Additional landscaping including walks, walls and shrubs will be quoted separately.

Central Vacuum:

In general, the Hall & Hall Group will include the rough piping for 4 central vacuum outlets. If desired, the central unit and controls can be added. See builder for specific cost.

Home Automation:
The Hall & Hall Group, Inc. has substantial experience (as both a builder and user) of X-10 related controls and systems. These systems use Power Line Control technology to allow control of devices from many different locations and in many different ways (i.e. switch, remote portable or permanent transmitters, computer, or telephone). In addition to "Home Run" pre-wiring of the house with Category 5 (phone and data) and RG 6 (coaxial) cable to the basement, we install a few X-10 switches and transmitters for control of certain exterior lights. Depending on individual preferences, will work with the prospective buyer to develop a more sophisticated system, if desired.


Septic System:

With most homes that the Hall & Hall Group builds we have sized septic tanks so that future homeowners can use a garbage disposal in their kitchen if they choose to do so. When doing this, the state of New Hampshire requires builders to increase the size of their septic tanks by a factor of one and a half time the original tank size. For example, if a typical four-bedroom house with out a garbage disposal calls for a 1500 gallon, the same house with a garbage disposal would require a tank size of 2,250 gallons. We at Hall and Hall take it one step further. Instead of using one 2,250 gallon tank, we prefer to use two separate tanks, a 1500 gallon and a 1,000 gallon tank. This is a more costly approach but we feel it adds an element of redundancy to the system. Any effluent must now travel through the baffles of two tanks as opposed to just one. Copies of plans on request.


All walls are 8" or 10" with re-bar in important areas. Concrete piers, below grade are installed in the front to support the granite slab. Footings 10 x 20+-. When the site accommodates a walk out basement we typically make our foundation walls higher than normal. This allows for any finished space in the basement to feel like real finished as opposed to a cramped basement with a low ceiling. Again, this is more costly but we feel it provides an added value to the home.


Exterior walls are 2 x 6, 16" O.C. sheathed with 1/2 inch fir, CDX plywood. Siding is top quality, low maintenance vinyl, or other as specified by the consumer. Note: First floor walls are typically about nine feet high.

Sub-floor Advantec, or ¾" T&G Plywood sub-flooring, glued and nailed.

roof trussesRoof:

Is 1/2" fir plywood with 30 year architectural shingles and ample use of ice and water shield.

Windows and Doors:

See builder for window options. We have used everything from Pella, Andersen, Norco, Certainteed, and even custom made mahogany windows from Canada. We are happy to work with our customer to find the right window for their home and budget.

Interior doors are typically six panel molded doors, with solid core doors used as entry doors to bedrooms and baths.

Paint and Stain:

On average, the houses we build use high quality vinyl, but we are willing to explore other options such as cedar, brick, or cement board. Any exterior wood trim has one coat of prime and one or two (as needed) coats of heavy bodied stain. Interior shall have one coat of primer and one coat of finish (or two coats finish), each of a single color. Additional painting or papering will be quoted as requested.


Exterior walls are 6" friction fir (R-19) with Poly vapor barrier.

Attic is 12"+ Fiberglass R-38 +. Many interior bath walls are insulated for sound deadening. Garage has 6" walls. The Hall & Hall Group has also used extensively the "BIB" system. This Blown In Blanket system densely packs insulation around wires outlets and other fixtures creating a greater R-Value. Price will be quoted upon request.

Fireplaces (Family Room & Master Bedroom):

In plans where there is masonry fireplace we will provide a custom made wood mantel. In the Master Bedroom, we can provide an optional direct vent fireplace (Heat & Glo or equal) this type of gas fireplace brings in combustion air from outside, thereby preventing warm inside air from being drawn up the vent. There is an electric blower and an optional remote control.


Our houses are typically heated with dual hot air furnaces, providing two zones and the redundancy of two independent systems. Added zones and air conditioning are optional.


All feed lines are continuous "Pecs", or copper , drains are PVC or ABS.

Plumbing fixtures can vary based upon the customer's desire. A gas fired hot water heater supplies the hot water.

Optional Items:

The builder will quote the following items. Walk ways, landscaping, built in's, air conditioning, and well. Please note that prices for options are based on selection of these items at a time in the construction process, which will allow them to be done on a cost effective basis.

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